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LendingDox Point-Of-Sale

Customized Landing Pages

Choose from a variety of friendly loan officer landing pages complete with your contact info.

Loan Application Wizard

This easy-to-use app takes your customers through the loan application in about 20 minutes.

Prequalification Wizard

In a matter of minutes, your customers can find out current interest rates and payments.

Loan Status and Calculators

Our safe and secure app lets you and your clients check their loan status in real time. Calculators let them run their own scenarios.

LendingDox Loan Origination System

Contact Manager

You can track contacts, their loans, and service providers for each loan.

Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac Interface

View Fannie Mae's DO/DU Underwriting Findings and Freddie Mac LPA Feedback Certificates. You can also submit loans via Fannie Mae's UCD interface or Freddie Mac's Loan Closing Advisor (UCD).

Dynamic Data

All calculations occur in the background, and all data is automatically saved.

Loan Manager with Visual Data

View data per user, per branch, or for your entire company. You can export lists to Excel.

Form-Based Data Entry

Data entry pages look like actual forms to minimize learning time.

Active Audit

Audit data as it is entered with rules you create with our rules engine. No more inaccurate or incomplete data.
You can also use the rules engine to determine loan pricing and loan eligibility. You can even use it for fees -- when a fee should appear and how much it should be.

Order Credit Reports

FICO scores are used for risk-based pricing and eligibility. Merge unpaid liabilities directly into the 1003.

Rules-Based Loan Estimates

Create accurate loan estimates with rules that determine the amount of the fee, to whom it's paid, and when it's paid.

Track Loan Conditions

Track "standard" loan conditions that you can pre-define or custom loan conditions.

Accurate Closing Disclosures

Prevent mistakes at the closing table.

Track Loan History

Track all items, including all disclosed loan estimates, in the loan history.

Create Rate Sheets

Create product groups, pricing groups, price adjustment matrices, and eligibility matrices.

Lock Loans Using Pricing Engine

Create scenarios and perform risk-adjusted pricing.

Letters, PDFs and DocuSign

Click and drag fields to make your own custom form letters. You can also create custom PDFs. And all PDFs can be signed with DocuSign.

Select a Theme

Keep your brand identity by selecting one of our themes or let us build one for you.

LendingDox API

Get loan status and upload loans via the LendingDox API.

Point-Of-Sale Themes

Door Key Theme
Family Hands Theme
Happy Couple Theme
Happy Family Theme
Home Exterior Modern
Home Exterior Traditional