Last update: 11/9/2020 at 5:23 AM GMT

With our Loan Origination System, you get up and running quickly.

Welcome to LendingDox, where mortgages are simplified. We are a 100% web-based loan origination system designed with both the end-user and the system-administrator in mind. You'll be out of the starting block in no time flat with LendingDox.

Get instant access with no obligation.

Easy to Use

Because our pages look much like the actual printed forms, it's easy for your users to get up and running quickly. As you learn the system, you can dive into its more advanced features at a time of your own choosing.


LendingDox is $30 per month per user. There is no installation fee, and no contract is required. DocuSign (optional) is an additional $2.50 per document.


Because it's all online, it's also easy to publish rates, create loan products, write underwriting rules, and draft form letters. All information is up-to-date, all the time.
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