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Welcome to LendingDox, where mortgages are simplified.

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Easy to Use

Our pages look much like the printed forms, making them easy to use. As you learn the system, you can dive into the advanced features.


LendingDox is only $30 per month per loan officer. No installation fee. No contract required. Billing is done on the first of each month. Now that's affordable!


Because everything is online, it's also easy to publish rates, create loan products, write underwriting rules, and draft form letters. Be up to date, all the time.

Coming to LendingDox in January 2021!

Customized Landing Pages
Choose from a variety of loan officer pages that include contact info.
Loan Application Wizard
This easy-to-use application takes about 20 minutes to complete.
Loan Status
Our secure app lets you check your loan status in real time.
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