LendingDox is $30 per month per user

No other fees or charges

LendingDox has no installation fee, no per loan fees, and no minimum term. Just create an account and we'll charge you $30 per month per active user.

If someone leaves your company, mark them as "inactive" and you won't be charged for that seat.

Billing is done on the first of each month.

Announcing the LendingDox Referral Program
Earn $15 per subscribed LendingDox user for 3 months!

Contact sales@LendingDox.com
Terms and Conditions:
  • Referrer must be an existing LendingDox customer as of 8/1/2022.
  • Referred Prospect must be known personally to the referrer.
  • Handoff must be conducted via email sent to sales@LendingDox.com and Referred Prospect. Email must include Referred Prospect's contact information.
  • Referred Prospect must not be currently in the LendingDox sales pipeline or prior customer.
  • Referral Incentive period begins the first full month of the paid subscription (see Example).
  • Referral Incentive is paid at the end of three full months of paid subscription (see Example).
  • Paid Subscription must be activated on or before 11/30/2022.
New subscriber Trial Period begins on 9/14/2022.
Trial Period ends 10/14/2022.
Customer has 2 users on 11/1/2022 (first full month of paid subscription).
Customer has 15 users on 12/1/2022.
Customer has 15 users on 1/1/2023.

Referral Incentive*:
Payable 2/1/2023 (2 * 15) + (15 * 15) + (15 * 15) = $480.

* 1099 will be supplied if Referral Incentive is $600 or more and Referrer will be required to provide tax information before Referral Incentive is paid.

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